Graduate Counseling Intern

Supervised by Jill Baumgarner, LPC

Clara Hayes

Clara seeks to help her clients, both individuals and couples, access fulfilling relationships of all kinds through every stage of life. Clara is sex positive, body positive, LGBTQ affirming, and works with both monogamous and non-monogamous relationships. She works from an attachment lens and believes that the need for safe, nurturing relationships extends far beyond childhood. Clara believes that by grounding oneself in their own identity and needs, individuals can better express and access those needs in relationship with others.


Clara guides her clients through anxiety, depression, trauma, or other hardship. She firmly believes that reaching out for help is an act of bravery, and is here to meet clients wherever they’re at. Clara integrates mindfulness practices in session to help clients access a sense of safety in their bodies and feel a greater sense of ease in everyday life.


Clara is currently working towards her master’s in counseling at St. Edward’s University. With her knowledge ever-expanding, she remains open to learning new theories and methods for meeting her client’s needs. Outside of class, Clara is currently studying Emotionally Focused Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Clara is supervised by Jill Baumgarner, LPC.

Clara's rate is $45 for a 50-minute session and $70 for an 80-minute session.