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Jamie Falco

Licensed Professional Counselor

Therapy can be intimidating, especially sex therapy! Jamie is an individual therapist who enjoys working with individuals to strengthen and deepen their intimate relationships and improve their sexual health.  Jamie helps people who want to better understand their relationship to sex, find safety in intimacy, connect to their body, and claim or reclaim their sexuality.  Topics that may be explored in session are lack of desire, pressure to perform, challenges with orgasm, avoiding sex, communicating about sex, body image as a barrier to sex and prioritizing pleasure.  Jamie has experience working with anxiety, depression, trauma and self esteem issues.   Jamie has additional experience with tech industry professional's and industry specific concerns, including anxiety, chronic stress, relational conflict, difficulty with intimate connection, feelings of isolation, perfectionism and challenges implementing a work life balance.  


Jamie is a trauma informed professional who also has experience working with nervous system regulation.  The body is built for survival, so if the body imagines, perceives or is actually under threat; the nervous system responds.  Emotional repercussions of trauma can be confusing and can affect our ability to form healthy connections with others.  Jamie uses attunement, mindfulness and her knowledge of neurobiological processes to help people understand their trauma responses and promote self-regulation.


Jamie’s therapeutic approach is attachment oriented.  We are wired for connection, but sometimes, we lose ourselves in our relationships. This could cause us to feel disconnected, unsure of what we want and who we are in our partnerships.  Attachment plays an intricate role in how we view the world, ourselves and how we function in our relationships.  Attachment strategies can be subconscious patterns that we often need space and guidance to recognize, understand and repair.  Attachment strategies may look like self sacrifice, people pleasing or emotional shut down.  Jamie uses attachment theory, Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) and mindfulness to support individuals through the process of revealing and healing these patterns.


Jamie is LGBTQIA+ affirming and enjoys working with individuals who are wanting a safe space to discuss the topic of sex and to gain a greater understanding of their relationship to sex.  If you grew up in a home that did not discuss sex, you received negative or shaming messages about sex, or perhaps you’re attending couples counseling and are looking to focus on your own individual work; Jamie would be honored to support you.

Session Fees

50 minutes $180

80 minutes $290 

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