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Jamie Falco

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jamie Falco is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an exclusively individual therapist.  Jamie places a focus on therapeutic guidance and support to women who share sexual relationships with women.


 New science is transforming the way we understand female sexuality and coupled with the still recent legalization of gay marriage, this leaves women who date women an often under-served population. As a part of this culture, Jamie understands how one’s relationship with their sexual orientation might affect their day to day life and more intimately, their sexual identity.


Jamie provides a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore themselves, their struggles with sexuality, lack of sexual desire and meeting or re-connecting with the sexual self. Jamie assists women in understanding the messages we received about sex growing up, how they might have shaped the way we view ourselves and the relationships we share. It is her belief that through understanding who we are, we develop a deeper compassion for ourselves and the women we love.  

Jamie also enjoys working with bisexual men. She assists clients in developing and strengthening a personal understanding of their sexual identity, healing internalized homophobia and destigmatizing bisexuality. Jamie offers counseling for other culture specific concerns such as healing shame, rejection from family and coming out.


Jamie is a trauma informed therapist with a focus on interpersonal neuroscience, attachment theory, mindfulness, grounding and regulating the nervous system.

Jamie's rate is $150 for a 50 minute session.