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Jill Baumgarner Robertson

Senior Therapist / Training Manager

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jill helps people who want to build intimacy, compassion and trust in their lives and relationships. Through empathic connection we reignite passion, love and enhance our ability to communicate effectively. We are wired to connect and when the torments of life create a chasm in our relationship, we are often left feeling numb, distressed, anxious or angry. 

Jill works with those who desire change or healing when their relationship is creating pain or falling apart.  

With a sub-specialty in infidelity recovery and divorce, Jill also has experience working with sexual anxiety, sexual pain, sexually impulsive behavior, communication difficulties, depression, grief and loss, trauma, lack of self-esteem and anger management. 


In addition to working with traditional couples, Jill has experience and training working with non-monogamous relationship styles. She is a sex-positive, kink-knowledgeable professional.  

Jill’s post-graduate sexuality training includes seminars by Dr. Marty Klein, Emily Nagowski and Dr. David Ley. She has completed the Emotion Focused Couple Therapy Externship (known as EFT or EFCT) and uses these approaches as a framework for her therapy. 

Session Fees

50 minutes $180

80 minutes $290

80 minutes recommended for Couples sessions.

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