Graduate Counseling Intern

Supervised by Jill Baumgarner, LPC

Kathleen Etzel

Kathleen works with individuals and couples to strengthen communication, increase sexual satisfaction, move through identity transitions and practice interpersonal skills. Kathleen is a sex positive therapist, LGBTQ affirming and familiar with monogamous and non-monogamous relationships. Kathleen believes through self-acceptance, compassion and reducing shame around sexuality, individuals can thrive in relationships with self and others.


Kathleen works with individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma and grief. Kathleen is also a yoga instructor and utilizes this philosophy as well as Interpersonal Neurobiology to treat the whole person in her sessions. The relationship between an individual’s mind, body and spirit is the starting point for creating long-term relationships with others.  


Kathleen is currently finishing her master’s in counseling at St. Edwards University. As Kathleen is still a student, she offers a fresh open-minded perspective and is known as an old soul. In addition to her courses, Kathleen is currently getting certified in EMDR and studying Interpersonal Neurobiology. Kathleen is supervised by Jill Baumgarner, LPC.

Kathleen's rate is $45 for a 50-minute session and $70 for an 80-minute session.