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Ren Reed

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Lauren (Ren) Reed works with individuals and relationships dealing with a variety of sexual issues. Lauren’s true calling lies in her desire to help anyone who is hurting.  Her dual licensing prepares her to assist with many struggles you might be having. She is prepared to help with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, desire discrepancy (not wanting the same amount of sex), relationship issues, gender identity, and body image. She supports people who are struggling to achieve a steady, nurturing relationship.


Ren is familiar with Kink practices and healthy polyamorous relationships and is prepared to help you thrive in a judgement-free space where you can be yourself. She believes that all forms of consensual sex and ethical non-monogamy should be normalized across the spectrum.  

Ren also has a deep understanding and concern for those who are coping with religious shame, religious abuse, and people struggling with their sex lives in relation to their religion. Regardless of what religion, the themes of shame and guilt can run deep. If your sexual self and your religion don't align, then Ren may be able to help.

Approach to Counseling

Ren works from feminist and existential theory. This means that Ren works with you to conceptualize your issues and see your world through your lens. It also means that she will explore the use of power in your life, where you have it and where you don’t.


Ren has a masters degree in couple and family therapy as well as is halfway through her PhD in couple and family therapy with a focus in sex therapy.


She has also finished a two year course for AASECT certification and is now in supervision to complete that training.

Therapy Fees and Availability

Ren works with individuals and relationships​

50-minute session: $140

80-minute session: $225

Available for sessions in our office and online

***Accepting new clients***

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