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Ren Reed

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Lauren "Ren" Reed (she/they) helps people increase their autonomy and personal power both in and out of relationships. Through a focus on enthusiastic consent, not only for sex, but for relationships and for life, Ren can help clients build a life they want to say "yes" to. She specializes with kink, consensual non-monogamy, the queer community, and religious sexual shame. 


For all varieties of sexual minorities including kinksters, LGBTQIA+ folkx, and non-monogamous relationship styles, Ren has spent most of her adult life studying and engaging in these communities. Building a sex-positive and inclusive community is important to Ren as a therapist who is working within her communities. 

Many people are leaving dominant or organized religions and discovering the remnants of shame and trauma from their pasts. Ren works with those who want to reduce stigma and shame around their religious upbringings or beliefs. Whether you are wanting to reclaim your religion in a new way that honors your sexual self, find a religion that connects with you, or leave it behind altogether, Ren can help you discover how to embrace sex-positivity and love being in your own skin. Religious shame and religious abuse inhibit us from finding joy in our sexual selves. 


For sexual and relationship minorities, this is a place where you can explore and learn about kinks, queer identities, and all kinds of non-traditional lifestyles.  You can improve your dynamics or lifestyle, or explore and discover something new that fits who you are. No matter if you are taking your first steps toward a new identity, or have been sexually non-conventional for years, we can reduce shame, and work on all kinds of issues in a safe space where who you are is understood and accepted.

Approach to Counseling

Ren works with a feminist theory lens which promotes personal agency, consent, and breaking away from rules or structures that no longer fulfill you.


She also takes an existential view which means that this is your life, and what and how you experience it is important. The roles of consent and power in your life can be explored.


Ren typically uses imagery, metaphor, and narrative thinking to work with a variety of challenges. 


Ren has a masters degree in couple and family therapy, and is dual-licensed as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is also currently working towards a PhD in couples therapy. 

Therapy Fees and Availability

Ren works with individuals and relationships​

50-minute session: $165

80-minute session: $265

Available for sessions in our office and online

***Accepting new clients***

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