Mindful Marriage:

a premarital workshop

Practice effective communication for everlasting intimacy. 

Congratulations on your engagement! Couples who choose to participate in our premarital workshop will learn valuable tools to create and maintain a meaningful and fulfilling marriage. As a couple, you will explore goals and expectations that you have for your relationship with the guidance of our workshop facilitators.


Participants in our workshop will practice being assertive so they can express their needs while being respectful to their partner.  Couples will practice conflict management skills and will explore how to successfully talk about hard topics that may include: sexual health, lifestyle goals, finances, family of origin influences, values, parenting (or not), and other priorities in your relationship.

The Mindful Marriage workshop is a 6 week online group that gives couples the opportunity to discuss important topics and practice meaningful communication techniques. Couples can start at any time and progress through the remaining weeks.


*This workshop fulfills the requirements for the Twogether in Texas program. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate that will waive their state marriage license fees and the waiting period. 

Want more information?

If you have questions that you'd like to go over before registering, please contact us at 512-994-2588 or enhancingintimacyaustin@gmail.com

Workshop facilitators


Kathleen Etzel

Kathleen is a graduate intern and counsels couples to strengthen communication, increase sexual satisfaction, move through life transitions, and practice interpersonal skills. Kathleen is a sex positive therapist and is LGBTQ affirming. Kathleen believes through self-acceptance, compassion and reducing shame, individuals can thrive in relationships with self and others.


Emily Gardner

Emily is a recreational therapist with a background in mental health, expressive arts, yoga, and inclusive dance. She is passionate about guiding people to communicate and resolve conflict using personal reflection, mindfulness, and outlets for creative expression. Emily uses leisure education to encourage couples to bond through individual and shared interests. 

Prefer to work with a counselor one on one?

If you are not able to schedule with the therapist of your choice, please call our office, at 512-994-2588.

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