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Same sex couple, gay couple seeking relationship counseling, sex therapy, affair recovery


Couples come to our practice for many reasons, but the one thing they have in common is their desire to improve their relationship. This might entail rebuilding trust after infidelity or other betrayals, jump starting intimacy in a passionless marriage, learning communication techniques to express and receive feelings and desire, or exploring whether they should stay together. All orientations and genders are welcome!

Young men seeking sex therapy family in affair recovery


Families may need help navigating changes in family structures due to divorce, death, health, job loss, and many other life challenges.  Healing can occur in families resulting from disclosures to adult children, improved communications, exploring past hurts, and navigating non-traditional relationships. Family therapy with adolescent children when sexual problems exist in the family is also helpful.  Please contact us to discuss your options for family therapy.

Depression and sexual anxiety, relationship counseling


Many people seek therapy individually to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behavior privately with their therapist. Clients greatly appreciate being able to talk to their therapist openly and not be judged. Therapy can be a place to practice communicating, receive feedback, and make decisions about whether or when to open up to others.  Depending on your goals, therapy may last from 8 to 20 sessions. Sometimes people seek long term therapy when needed for support.

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