• Emily Gardner

Change is a process: TED Talks for 2020

This year has hit us with more turmoil than we could have fathomed when 2020 began. Now more than ever, we have a chance to consider what we want from our relationships and from ourselves. Perhaps you had a change in your job or you've been spending more time at home. Changes in our lives can put a magnifying glass over the status of your family culture, romantic relationship habits, and your personal self-growth goals. This blog series is dedicated to a few of the great TED Talks that can inspire us to stay strong as we get through 2020.

In this TED Talk, Carol Dweck shares about her experience researching how children respond to difficult situations. She ponders what it looks like when a person thinks of a difficult problem as a challenge rather than a failure.

While this talk is about kids, I can see how we could apply these ideas to our big adult challenges that we are facing. The advice to "stay positive" could be unrealistic and it could be hurtful to someone who is experiencing difficult situations like job loss, loss of a loved one, or feelings of isolation.

Maybe instead of using fake positivity to ignore difficult situations, we can begin to acknowledge our processes in tackling a challenge, grieving our losses, and adopting a growth mindset in our relationships.

Watch the video below or go to this link.

How do you think this video could apply to your current life? Take a moment and think about how you could treat yourself a little kinder using this method when you feel like you've failed.

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