Thy Tran 34

Thy Tran

Counseling Intern 

Supervised by Jill Baumgarner, LPC

Thy supports clients who are experiencing relationship, sexual, and life concerns, such as: affair recovery, sexual dysfunction and desire differences, LGBTQ+ matters, and intergenerational trauma. Your personal, cultural, and religious values are important, and Thy is here to help you create a more fulfilling life through collaboration and understanding. Using Attachment and Narrative focus lenses, Thy is here to help you build confidence and safety in your life and choices.

Thy strives to help her clients gain the freedom and safety to explore themselves in all areas and stages of life. Thy is LGBTQ+ affirming, sex and body positive, monogamous and non-monogamous relationships aware, and seeks to provide high quality services to all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability and/or socioeconomic status.


Thy has a firm belief in reducing the barriers that exist when it comes to mental health support, 

Approach to Counseling

You are the expert of your own life. When beginning counseling, Thy will collaborate with you to discover the areas in your life where you are most needing support. This is a collaborative process and you are encouraged to communicate the priorities you have in your counseling sessions. You will have a safe space to explore your own journey, identity, and the relationships you have in your life.


Thy takes a respectful and non-blaming approach and believes you are not defined by the problems in your life. Through Narrative techniques, you will be empowered, find your voice, and reframe the relationship you have with those identified problems. She will guide you in telling your story and helping you to live your values.


In sessions with Thy, you may practice mindfulness techniques to learn to access safety and control in your body. Mindfulness practice can help you to have better awareness of yourself and the needs you have within your relationships. 


Thy is in her clinical Internship semesters for her Master's Degree in Counseling from St. Edward's University. Her expected graduation is December 2022. 

Thy speaks both English and Vietnamese.

She is open to expanding her knowledge and horizons and is always ready to learn new theories and information to enhance a client’s needs and experiences.

Therapy Fees and Availability

Thy works with individuals and relationships​

50-minute session: $45

80-minute session: $70

If you are unable to pay the fee listed above, please contact the office at 512-994-2588 to discuss a reduced fee.


Available for sessions in our office and online

Evening sessions available

***Accepting new clients***