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For Relationship & Sexual Health

Do you seek greater connection with others? 

Do you long for more passion? 
Has betrayal affected your relationship? 

Do you feel misunderstood? 
Has anger taken over the family? 

At Enhancing Intimacy Austin, we help you understand and communicate what you want in your relationships. We will teach you communication skills, improve your self-care, learn ways to decrease anxiety, and more...all tools to enhance the intimacy in your life.

Intimacy is closeness that involves sharing our thoughts and feelings and behaving in ways that show caring, affection, and love. This may be romantic love, parental love, or friendly love. In adult relationships, intimacy often involves sexual connection.

Our therapists offer individual, couples, non-traditional relationships, and family therapy aimed at strengthening your relationships. We work with your goals, within your value system. We have no expectations or judgments on how you live your life. You are in charge of your therapy, with our guidance.

We are sex positive. Having heard many diverse stories, we recognize that the way people express their sexuality varies...there is no “right” way. We all have different family, cultural, and societal influences, which have affected the ways in which we show up relationally and sexually. When betrayal or compulsive sexual behaviors are negatively affecting an individual or couple, we will work with you to assess the problem and seek to help you live within your values system.  Enhancing Intimacy Counseling seeks to support a world where pleasure and sexuality are valued as human rights.  (See our Vision, Mission, and Inclusion Statement.)

Our clients pursue counseling for a wide range of reasons:

  • You may be in a long term relationship and wish to address sexual desire differences or process infidelity or an affair.

  • You may be concerned about compulsive sexual behaviors or wonder about sex addiction.

  • You may like to explore your sexual desires, kink, or fantasies as an individual or within your relationship.

  • You may be experiencing physical impairments or pain that is affecting your ability to be intimate in a way that you would like. 

  • You may have conflict between your sexual desires and your cultural or religious values. 

  • And more...

If you aren't sure if you are in the right place please call us at 512-994-2588 to discuss what you are looking for in therapy. You can check our staff bios to see more of what our therapists specialize in and our FAQs page for more information.

Contact us today to schedule your first therapy session or a free consultation.  

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