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Aaron Mink

Counseling Intern

Supervised by Jill Baumgarner, LPC

Aaron sees couples and individuals who feel lost or stuck in their life or relationships. Perhaps, things feel off in your relationship - you know there is a problem, but the path forward is unclear. Aaron hopes to help his clients take the first steps towards healing by deepening their understanding of themselves and those they care about. 


Often, life circumstances can drive a wedge into relationships. Experiencing trauma, hardships, and significant changes can break down communication and cause couples to grow apart. Aaron sees couples who want to restore communication, vulnerability, and trust in their relationships, regardless of what caused these issues in the first place. Additionally, Aaron works with couples and individuals on issues involving trauma, religious shame, life transitions, and substance use. 


It is common to feel stagnant, angry, confused, or hopeless at times, but these feelings do not have to last forever. Aaron lends an empathetic voice to assist clients in moving away from frustration and towards confidence and authentic self-expression. 

Approach to Counseling

Aaron operates from an Internal Family Systems lens. Aaron believes that every person is multifaceted, but that parts of ourselves become too strong or lost due to life circumstances.


Aaron’s goal is to help individuals and couples grow in their understanding of these parts, giving them a clearer picture of the self.


He acknowledges that therapy is a daunting concept; for some, opening up to a counselor can be triggering, uncomfortable, and frightening.


Aaron believes in the growth and healing that comes from therapy, and he strives to create a welcoming, empathetic, and non-judgemental environment where clients can truly be themselves. 


Aaron is currently enrolled in the Master of Counseling degree program at St. Edward’s University. He is expected to graduate in December 2023 and is pursuing licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Upon graduating, Aaron hopes to continue to work with couples and individuals in the Austin area.

Therapy Fees and Availability

Aaron works with individuals and relationships​

50-minute session: $45

80-minute session: $70

Available for sessions in our office and online

Evening sessions available

***Accepting new clients***

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