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Deanna Shahady

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Deanna Shahady specializes in Sex Therapy using both relational and behavioral techniques. She strongly believes that pleasure is a vital component of happiness, and that through therapy, individuals and couples can learn the right tools to achieve mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual health. She works with Individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, body image, trauma, gender identity, and sexuality to explore and learn to love who they are. She works with Couples to address communication problems and helps them build stronger, more intimate connections.


Deanna works to create a safe, judgment-free space that invites clients to ask questions and discuss intimate topics with both gravity and levity. She has an integrative and collaborative approach to therapy tailored to each individual or couples’ needs. She values social justice and uses a systems-oriented perspective that encourages clients to form healthy relationships with themselves, their partners, families, and communities.


Deanna works with clients of all sexual orientations and genders.  She is LGBTQIA+ affirming and is poly and kink aware.

Individual and Couples Sessions

50 minutes $165

80 minutes $265

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