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Reclaiming Pleasure Women's Group

What would it be like to make pleasure a priority? As women in the modern world, it can be easy to find ourselves putting everything else first, leaving pleasure to the wayside. Maybe we know we want to feel good, but making time to actually sit and enjoy our daily cup of coffee, noticing how it tastes and enjoying the full experience of a daily ritual, is a challenge. Many of us might not even know what feels pleasurable to us anymore. As a group, we will process our individual and collective obstacles to pleasure (sexual and non-sexual), break down sex-negative stereotypes, and learn tools that make living a pleasure-filled life a possibility. Sessions will contain a mix of structured exploration, meditation, and processing our experiences together.

This group was created to be a space to connect in the collective experience of womanhood; overcoming the idea that we are alone, broken or abnormal. In this group, we will work to let go of shame, and learn to navigate low sexual desire. As a group, we will explore the role pleasure currently has in our lives, and tap into a deeper commitment to pleasure going forward.

Topics that may be explored include:
-Reconnecting to the body
-Sexual disinterest and dissatisfaction
-Identifying and dismantling shame
-Communicating your needs and desires
-Navigating low libido and desire discrepancy in relationships
-Body image
-Managing stress and emotional regulation
-Prioritizing pleasure

Sundays from 4:30pm-6:00pm
In person at the Enhancing Intimacy office
$480 for the 8 week group. Payment options available.
Led by Clara Hayes, LMFT, Associate & Skylar Naron, LPC, Associate

Please reach out to us at or 512-994-2588 if you're interested in joining this group. Potential members will start by completing a free 30 minute video call consultation with Skylar or Clara to meet, learn more about the group, discuss what your hopes and expectations are, and see if it’s a good overall fit. Scheduling a pre-group consultation is not a commitment to join the group.

In order to build a supportive group community, we ask for consistent attendance for the 8 week group.

This group is intended for women over the age of 18. With that said, if you feel you would benefit from this group but aren't sure, please contact us anyways so we can complete an initial consultation.

Contact the office to schedule at or 512-994-2588. Click the link to schedule your initial consultation.

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