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Our Mission & Values, Inclusion Statement


Enhancing Intimacy Counseling seeks to support  a world where pleasure and sexuality are valued as human rights. Acknowledging diversity in sexual expression and pleasure, all people are seen as worthy of defining their sexual interests and identities.


Our mission is to improve sexual wellbeing for individuals and people in relationships by empowering discovery and acceptance of sexual desires, normalizing expression of sexual wants within relationships, and working within a holistic model to balance body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Inclusion Statement

Enhancing Intimacy Counseling is committed to cultivating a culture of inclusion. We acknowledge that our actions and institutions have perpetuated unfair treatment, disadvantage, hatred, and violence toward people who identify within marginalized groups. We commit to noticing our patterns of behavior and prejudicial thoughts so we may continue our intention of being anti-racist in our counseling practice and our every day lives. 

We acknowledge and understand that race, gender identity, cultural influences, sexual orientation, and financial status create bias in our community and our mental healthcare system. We understand that identity must be considered in the processing of past actions and future goals. We believe in a holistic approach and want to create an environment where clients can feel safe bringing their whole identity into the therapy room. 

We are called to action to actively work against racist systems and behavior patterns. We will make mistakes and commit to acknowledging those mistakes.  We, commit to not giving up on being anti-racist when things become uncomfortable. We commit to identifying and acknowledging our faults and correcting our path. 

We denounce racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, sizeism, and discrimination against people with disabilities.


In pursuit of a kinder world, we must acknowledge the harms that have been done, the harms that continue to be done, and the systems that will continue to oppress people in marginalized groups. We will work to challenge these systems in order to make a more just mental healthcare system for all. 

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