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Low-Cost Counseling

We get it. Investing in therapy can feel intimidating. Work with our team to find someone who will fit your budget and help you reach your goals. 

View the therapists below who are available for a reduced fee of $45. Please contact the office at 512-994-2588 with questions.

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Thy Tran 34

Maria Mohamed

Counseling Intern

    - Infidelity
    - Desire differences
    - Couples communication
    - Trauma
    - Counseling in Spanish and English
Thy Tran 34

Aaron Mink

Counseling Intern

    - Religious or cultural sexual shame
    - Pre-marital counseling
    - Trust issues
    - Gender and sexual identity
    - Adjusting to change / life transitions
    - Anxiety and depression
    - Trauma
Thy Tran 34

Lauren Little

Counseling Intern

    - Conflict in couples
    - Anxiety and depression
    - Identity issues
    - Trauma
    - Religious or spiritual harm
    - Body shame
    - Grief and loss
Thy Tran 34

Grace Lawrie

Counseling Intern

    - LGBTQ issues
    - Self-esteem / body image issues
    - Relationship / marriage issues
    - Consensual non-monogamy
    - Gender / sexual identity
    - Trauma
    - Anxiety and depression
    - Codependency

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