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Jaala Davis 34

Jaala Davis

Licensed Professional Counselor- Associate

Supervised by Claudia Thompson, LMFT-S, LPC-S

Jaala is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate who is very passionate about providing a healing space for those that want to welcome their complete and authentic selves. She recognizes that due to oppression, many people might feel unseen or even experience shame bringing all parts of themselves into therapy or the world in general. She is passionate about working with individuals and relationships, as well as serving underrepresented communities including BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals to promote adjustment and overall empowerment.


Jaala’s goal as a therapist is to foster a collaborative, nonjudgemental, and compassionate therapeutic relationship to help support people who are facing anxiety, depression, race-based trauma, trauma, difficulty with transitions, and self-esteem. She guides clients to discover any deeper issues that are influencing their daily lives and relationships. She believes that clients can maintain mental health wellness using their resources and finding healthy coping mechanisms to manage these obstacles. Jaala sees the people she works with as unique individuals that are not just their challenges or lived experiences but as whole people with dreams, strengths, and purpose.


In her sex therapy work, she helps individuals and couples create sexually fulfilling and deeply connected relationships, marriages, and dating experiences. Jaala’s specialties include exploring/navigating the world of kink/BDSM (beginner-experienced), ethical non-monogamy/polyamory (in the dating space, opening relationships, and in established ENM/poly relationships (beginner-experienced), communicating about sexual needs and wants, exploring the spectrum of sex, pleasure, low libido, and desire discrepancy.

Approach to Counseling

Jaala is dedicated to creating inclusive and empowering therapeutic spaces that resist systems of power. Grounded in collaborative, strength-based, and person-centered therapy, her approach is eclectic, blending various modalities to suit the unique needs of each client. Jaala emphasizes the importance of autonomy and weaves lessons of self-advocacy within an oppressive system into the therapeutic space. She encourages her clients to provide feedback on the therapy relationship, adapting her approach to better serve the needs of her clients. Sometimes therapy can feel a little formal at times, Jaala avoids holding too tightly to certain restrictive outdated rules of professionalism and allows her personality to shine through. Her clients can bring their entire selves into the therapy space: their personality, lived experiences, and identities will not be suppressed.

Jaala is an individual who has sat on both sides of the therapeutic relationship, she is approachable, down-to-earth, warm, and a supportive therapist who brings a balance sense of relief and humor into the therapy room. One of her gifts is putting new clients at ease during their first session. She understands that speaking openly to a stranger requires great courage. 

Although therapy can be challenging work at times, she also believes it can be fun! Jaala strives to incorporate music, pop culture, and other avenues as supplemental tools to establishing an authentic, lighthearted connection with her clients.


Jaala is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate with a Master of Arts in Counseling from St. Edwards University.

Therapy Fees and Availability

Jaala  works with individuals and relationships​

50-minute session: $110

80-minute session: $175

Available for sessions in our office and online

Evening sessions available

***Accepting new clients***

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