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Find a professional who cares, without breaking your budget.

We get it. Investing in therapy can feel intimidating. Work with our team to find someone who will fit your budget and help you reach your goals. 

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Enhancing Intimacy Counseling- Austin, Texas

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Jaala Davis

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Jaala J. Davis Headshot.jpg
    - Clients New to Therapy
    - Race-Based Trauma
    - BIPOC Empowering
    - Communication & building trust
    - Traditional partnerships
    - Kink/BDSM (beg-experience)
    - Anxiety in relationships
    - LGBTQIA Identity
    - Consensual non-monogamy

Natalie Najman

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Jaala J. Davis Headshot.jpg
    - Communication and Intimacy
    - Infidelity and trust recovery
    - Relationship dissolution/ breaking up
    - LGBTQ+/ Queer Identity Exploration and Relationships
    - Consensual Non-Monogamy
    - Sexuality Education/Exploration
    - Asexuality

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If you are not able to schedule with the therapist of your choice, please call our office, at 512-994-2588.

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