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Enhancing Intimacy Counseling- Austin, Texas

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Melanie Kelner

Licensed Professional Counselor- Associate

Supervised by Claudia Thompson LMFT-S, LPC-S

Melanie is passionate about helping couples and individuals experience more pleasure and fulfillment in their relationships and lives. Melanie helps clients repair and enhance their physical and emotional connections. She offers a judgment-free space that encourages exploration and authenticity. Melanie is sex-positive, LGBTQA+ affirming, and has experience working with poly and open relationships.

Melanie has worked with clients experiencing sexual shame, desire mismatch, body image issues, sexual compulsion, betrayal trauma, identity issues, depression, anxiety, sexual trauma, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

$80 for a 50-minute session


Supervised by

Jill Baumgarner, LPC

$45 for a 50-minute session

Skylar Naron

Counseling Intern

Skylar works with couples and individuals who are walking through problems related to infertility, postpartum depression, sexual pain, religious issues related to sexuality, a loss of intimacy, body image, or gender identity. She aspires to help people let go of negative thoughts patterns in order to adopt new affirmative beliefs about themselves. She believes in equality among all people and empowers individuals to reclaim their unique identity and find joy in their self expression. She is in her final internship semesters to complete her master's in counseling at Messiah University. 


Supervised by

Jill Baumgarner, LPC

$45 for a 50-minute session

Clara Hayes

Counseling Intern

Clara works with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, or trauma and enjoys integrating mindfulness practices in session to help clients access a sense of safety in their bodies and feel a greater sense of ease in everyday life. Clara works from an attachment lens and believes that the need for safe, nurturing relationships extends far beyond childhood. She seeks to help her clients, both individuals and couples, access fulfilling relationships of all kinds through every stage of life. She is in her direct practicum semesters to complete her master's in counseling at St. Edward's University. 

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