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New Moms Therapy Group

Bringing a new human into the world can be a rollercoaster of an experience. In this group, we will come together to listen to each other, process all the feelings, and be in community. This therapy group will be focused on processing the daily joys and struggles of new parenthood with others who can listen and empathize with the life change you are experiencing. Topics that may be explored include: boundaries, relationships, intimacy, identity as a new Mom, parenting, self-care, mindfulness, and compassion.

Fridays from 9:30 - 11:00 am
In person at the Enhancing Intimacy office
$50 per week.
Led by Jen Hill, LMFT Associate and Grace Lawrie, Counseling Intern.

Please reach out to us at or 512-994-2588 if you're interested in joining this group. Potential members will start by completing a free 30 minute video call consultation with Jen Hill to meet, learn more about the group, discuss what your hopes and expectations are, and see if it’s a good overall fit. Scheduling a pre-group consultation is not a commitment to join the group.

This weekly group is open to new Moms and babies who are not independently mobile (i.e. crawling, walking) for the safety of the babies. In order to build a supportive group community, we ask for consistent attendance in this ongoing group.

This group is intended for adults who identify as a new Mom and feel they would find benefit in being in this group. We are intentionally not referring to the participants in this group as women. We want to be inclusive in our language as much as we can and acknowledge that not all people who give birth identify as women. We also want to acknowledge that not all women who are new parents have given birth. With that said, if you feel you would benefit from this group but aren't sure, please contact us anyways so we can complete an initial consultation.

Contact the office to schedule at or 512-994-2588. Click the link to schedule your initial consultation with Jen Hill.

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