Claudia Thompson, sex therapist, sex addiction therapist, licensed professional counselor, sexual satisfaction, out of control sexual behavior, gender identity, trauma, affair recovery, divorce, infidelity

Claudia Thompson 


Relationship communication & connection, sexual satisfaction, 

betrayal trauma, reconnecting intimately, out of control sexual behaviors, sexual pleasure, acceptance of attractions & 

understanding gender, balance of heart, mind, body, & spirit, cultural

& religious blocks. See more...

Jill Baumgarner, licensed professional counselor, sex therapist, affair recovery, desire gap, sexual anxiety

Jill Baumgarner


Jill works with individuals and relationships to heal infidelity and other trust wounds, to bridge the desire gap, to overcome sexual functioning issues and to explore new sexual interests. Sexual anxiety, grief, trauma.

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Jamie photo V.jpg

Jamie Falco


Individual therapy for those seeking to live life more fully and authentically.  Trauma, anxiety, shame, sexual exploration, sexual dysfunction, understanding relationships.   See more...

Deanna Shahady, licensed marriage and family therapy, sexual pleasure, body image, couples communication, LBGT friendly

Deanna Shahady

LMFT Associate

Couples' & individual's sexual pleasure, intimate connections, trauma, body image, communication, gender identity, LGBTQIA+ affirming, poly & kink aware.  See more...

Supervised by Claudia Thompson LMFT-S, LPC-S

Lauren Reed, licensed marriage and family therapy, ethical non-monogamy, relgious sexual shame, kink

Lauren Reed

LMFT Associate, LPC Associate

Lauren's specialties are with ethical non-monogamy as well as kinky couples.  She also works with religious and sexual shame. Lauren makes a space where you can be whoever you are, without being judged or dismissed. See more...

Supervised by Claudia Thompson LMFT-S, LPC-S


Melanie Kelner

LPC Associate

Removal of shame, desire mismatch, body image, sexual compulsion, betrayal trauma, identity issues, depression, anxiety, sexual trauma, low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation. See more...

Supervised by Claudia Thompson, LMFT-S, LPC-S


Skylar Naron

Graduate Counseling Intern

Skylar works were people to achieve a renewed sense of happiness and self-love. Problems related to infertility, postpartum depression, sexual pain, religious issues related to sexuality, a loss of intimacy, or gender identity.  See more...

Supervised by Jill Baumgarner, LPC


Clara Hayes

Graduate Counseling Intern

Clara works clients experiencing anxiety, depression, or trauma and enjoys integrating mindfulness practices in session to help clients access a sense of safety in their bodies and feel a greater sense of ease in everyday life.  See more...

Supervised by Jill Baumgarner, LPC

Emily Gardner, recreation therapist, expressive arts, yoga therapy, free yoga Austin, donation based yoga

Emily Gardner

Operations Manager

Emily is the friendly voice you can call to get help with scheduling, questions and billing concerns. Emily is a Recreation Therapist with a background in mental health, expressive arts, yoga, and inclusive dance. See more...